Organizations have very limited visibility into what traffic is running over their network, how much bandwidth each traffic type is consuming, and how each application is performing. Given today’s challenging economic climate, IT departments need this visibility in order to benchmark performance and get management support for additional investment.

Packeteer’s PacketSeeker is an application-intelligent traffic monitoring system that provides visibility into network utilisation and application performance. Integrating transparently into your network, PacketSeeker identifies how WAN and Internet resources are consumed, what causes performance problems and provides a path to fix those problems.

Organisations use PacketSeeker as they would a probe. But unlike a probe, PacketSeeker has tremendous application intelligence and can be upgraded to a PacketShaper to both find and fix network performance problems.


Organizations spend millions of dollars each year on expensive, mission-critical applications. When performance does not meet expectations, IT managers do whatever they can to try to solve the problem. All too often that means adding more wide-area bandwidth. But in most cases, IT managers don’t need to add bandwidth to fix performance problems. Instead, they need a way to control and optimize bandwidth utilization. PacketShaper’s four-step approach provides the most comprehensive means of doing this.

Packeteer’s PacketShaper is an application-intelligent traffic management system that identifies and solves application performance and bandwidth usage problems, delivering predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and Internet. It keeps critical traffic moving at an appropriate pace through bandwidth bottlenecks and prevents any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link. This eventually leads you to a strategically directed network, thus maximizing the power of your business applications.


Protecting your business through a secure and reliable surveillance security system is a priority for most organisations. For the first time you can pan, tilt, zoom your network camera and even produce excellent images under low light conditions in real-time. Getting the coverage that you need of the area you want to protect at one location and access to live viewing from another location from a standard web browser over a TCP/IP network is the critical requirement for most businesses to stay protected.


Work today is no longer confined to the four walls of the office. Working away from the office is the norm for field workers, offshore staff, sales and marketing personnel, managers and even CEOs.

With the advances in and convergence of information and communications technology (ICT), one can stay connected with the office from anywhere in the world. Wireless LAN has been talked about for a while and today there are products in the market, which provide users with wireless connectivity to an enterprise or corporate network. They provide the business user seamless connection to the Internet and the ability to access data anywhere and anytime without having to physically plug-in to a network access point. Mobility is no longer a luxury, it has become a basic necessity in our lives.